“If you could only have 3 nada surf songs…”

April 3, 2009

Jonathan says:
if you could only have 3 nada surf songs for the rest of your life what would they be?

Andrew says:
to say

Jonathan says:
impossible is nothing – adidas

Andrew says:
Maybe, Beautiful Beat, Blizzard of ’77 and Blonde on Blonde

Jonathan says:
all start with B
mine would be

Andrew says:
also considered.
okay you go first.

Jonathan says:
Your Legs Grow. If I ever needed a slow jam from them, that would fill the void
Always Love, cause it reminds me so much of Cami and how I loved how cute she was when she was single
and lastly See These Bones for the rock out ability and incredible drumming

Andrew says:
i love that we had different ones.

Jonathan says:
what are your other considerations?

Andrew says:
I was actually listening to Your Legs Grow when you wrote that.
Disclaimer, Always Love and Inside of Love were ruined by QCing ScreenPlay DVDs.
They don’t feel special anymore.
totally radio tunes that have been overplayed in my mind.

Jonathan says:
ah, interesting
fair point, but i would almost pick “Popular”
as overplayed as it was
that is my first memory of the band

Andrew says:
Live… and not acoustic my favorite song is “Imaginary Friends.”

Jonathan says:
imaginary friends is a great song
although i hate when it has a ton of silence on the album version

Andrew says:
Right now… as it is Friday at 5:44, i’d say Blankest Year. That was Will and my “friday song.” He’d always email to me.
Actually I’m going to do that now.

Jonathan says:
nice call

Andrew says:
Beautiful Beat is up there. It rocks. Also in the “rockin” category is In The Mirror.
up beat, accessible to anyone.

Jonathan says:
hi-speed soul also good
happy kid
very enjoyable

Andrew says:
got to finish up some screen shots.
good chat.

Jonathan says:
yeah definitely
talk to you later

Andrew says:
Wait, why does “Always Love” remind you of CamiCakes?

Jonathan says:
she has always loved that song
and when we first started emailing
i was in SD still
would check out her myspace page
and that was her profile song
so it would always play when i was stalking her

Andrew says:

Jonathan says:
can you send me this convo?
via email?

Andrew says:
way ahead of you.

Jonathan says:


4 Responses to ““If you could only have 3 nada surf songs…””

  1. wto Says:

    three is tough…not sure i could limit myself. so, instead i’ll offer a few thoughts about Nada Surf:

    1. Whereas The Weight is a Gift album reminds me of ScreenPlay, Easy Street, and Seattle, Lucky reminds me of Minnesota and their concert.
    2. Their concert left me wanting more. Their great and all, but they don’t rock as hard as I want them to. They may sound better in a smaller, swankier venue. (to contrast, I saw PUSA a few weeks later, and they rocked how I wanted Nada to).
    3. Julia (who tried to get me on the PUSA guest list but Drummer Finn failed) and the rest of the marketing team at ScreenPlay can never like Nada Surf due to my overplaying of The Weight is a Gift.
    4. I’m a big fan of Let Go, as it was on my iPod wedding/goodbye present. I’ll always love Happy Kid because it drops a Freudian term Id (aka Instinctual Drives), which tickles this psych. masters student.
    5. Oh, one more thought about the Nada concert, @ First Ave (MPLS), as I was walking out a large, socially awkward man who clearly went to the show alone tried to make conversation as we waited for the ‘walk’ signal.
    Guy – “I can’t believe they didn’t play ‘Popular’ that’s the whole reason I went to the show.
    Me – “Umm, well, they’ve made a lot of music since that one. They’re probably tourning for their newer disc.”
    Guy – “Still…”
    6. I’m glad these guys survived the Popular days, but I think that to rank the three albums that I own:
    1) Let Go
    2) The Weight is a Gift
    3) Lucky
    (not liking that trend)
    7. While Blankest Year has a perfect play time 1 hour before quittin’ time on Fridays, it has limited utility otherwise.
    8. Well, I need to get back to finishing my thesis, but I’ll go with a few that I like that haven’t been mentioned yet:
    Concrete Bed,
    Ice on the Wing
    Fruit Fly

    Great tread, btw

  2. Matt Says:

    Blonde on Blonde, Do it Again, Inside of Love

  3. neckbeard Says:

    WTO, I completely agree with #7. I never listened to it until you coined it the Friday song. Now it lives only as such.

  4. Ryan Says:

    See These Bones, Blonde on Blonde, Happy Kid.

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