My ID Monday: Jonathan Ulrich

April 13, 2009

jonulrich_license_992In honor of his birthday yesterday that got overshadowed by Jesus (never a bad dude to play second to) Jon is going to kick off “My ID Card Mondays” here at

Jonathan was a mere high school Senior when he first came to Seattle where I offered to spoon with him.  His mom smiled gave me her trust and the rest is history.

Another 3 cards after the break.

Jonathan can currently be found online here.


As always Jon, please let me know if you would like this taken down at any time and let me know if they are out of order.

Be sure to check back next Monday and this Monday for the next featured ID Card post.

And please email me if you would like to be a part of my collection, or if I currently have your ID card, write and give me permission to post it online.


2 Responses to “My ID Monday: Jonathan Ulrich”

  1. chronicallyimpulsive Says:

    I like the ID card idea, can readers submit their own IDs for you to post?

  2. neckbeard Says:

    Of course. I’d love to add to my collection. But I won’t post your ID’s unless they are a part of my collection. I don’t want scans of ID’s.

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