April 29, 2009

This week on Monday Night, Movie Night — Zach was attending his parents wedding anniversary dinner, so I took the opportunity to suggest to Brogan a movie that I know Zach has seen and didn’t want to watch again.

Brogan is a sucker for a Heist movie so I knew he was in. Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s starring role in 2005’s BRICK I’ve been eagerly awaiting his projects. (Although I was bored with STOP-LOSS)  He has two highly anticipated roles coming up this summer.  He is playing the character that eventually becomes cobra commander in “G.I. JOE” as well as the a heartbroken greeting card writer in a realist’s romantic comedy “(500) Days of Summer.”

The premises includes a bank janitor with a “MEMENTO” style memory that gets coerced into helping a charismatic con man.  The movie was good enough, but the ending was too neat.  They didn’t need to wrap every detail up and redeem the main character.  The audience enjoyed our flawed character and his journey.

Brogan’s biggest complaint was that he didn’t use MOLESKIN notebooks to keep notes.  He carried around a notebook to take notes to make up for his failing memory… but they were cheap dollar store kind.  He wouldn’t have any problems if he was using a MOLESKIN.

Check it out if you have interest in Matthew Goode or Joseph Gordon-Levitt — they are good.  But pass if you are looking for a heist movie buzz.



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