Recent photos

May 14, 2009


17 more after the jump.


Our gracious NYC hosts.3They only had one set of sheets for two beds.  Ainsley was demonstrating how to burrito yourself with one sheet.IMG_5781IMG_5786Whole Family in NYC with old family friend Terry Prendergast

IMG_5791IMG_5811IMG_5826A&A were going to a TWILIGHT themed birthday party. After much coaxing, Andrew allowed Ainsley to eyeliner him up.IMG_5827We’re beeing attacked by Carlile & Esme!!!IMG_5835IMG_5845IMG_5858Seattle Rep play “Breakin’ Hearts & Taking Names.”  Fantastic play — reminded me of my dad and Garrison Keillor.IMG_5879Mariner’s Opening DayIMG_6016Mother’s Day in Portland, Graham is being dedicated at Mosaic.IMG_6018Whole family to support Graham’s dedication. Left to right. Great Great Uncle Walter, Grandma Rank, Molly, Andrew, Granddad Bettger, Grandmother Bettger, Pat, Grandpa Rank, Cousin Greg.IMG_6040IMG_6048


3 Responses to “Recent photos”

  1. Turkey2 Says:

    Oh my! Graham is SO stinking cute in those pictures. I miss him.

  2. Ahhhh, yes! Much more like it 🙂

  3. Sundberg Says:

    love these.

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