My ID Monday: Andrew Sundberg

May 18, 2009

ASundberg_Lic_96I’m sticking with my NYC boys this week and putting up the good man Andrew Sundberg. 

Sundberg and I have an unofficial fight (that we will both deny) about who gets the denomination “Andrew” and who has to suffer with the inadequate “Andy” moniker.  There is no doubt he was the original Andrew… but you can’t knock a guy for wanting to follow in his footsteps.

Andrew can be found online here.

Another 4 after the break.


Andrew, let me know if at any time if you’d like these removed or if they are out of order.

Check back every Monday for the next featured ID Card post.

And please email me if you would like to be a part of my collection, or if I currently have your ID card, write and give me permission to post it online.


2 Responses to “My ID Monday: Andrew Sundberg”

  1. Sundberg Says:


  2. Ainsley Says:

    My favorite is the flagger id!

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