My ID Monday: Travis Kroeger

July 27, 2009

This week I present Travis Kroeger.

I give Travis Kroeger full credit for the addition of “scoop” to my vocabulary.  Something that Lauren and I use ever day.  She often “scoops” me at work when after she gets off of the freeway from the east side.

After getting Denee to agree to their first date, Travis asked her, “What time do you want me to come down and scoop you up?”

I miss Truvis… but Kirk is quick to remind me, he’s just in Portland.


Another 5 cards after the break.


Travis, as always — contact me if you’d like these taken down, or if they are out of order.

Be sure to check back next Monday for the next featured ID Card post.

And please email me if you would like to be a part of my collection, or if I currently have your ID card, write and give me permission to post it online.


One Response to “My ID Monday: Travis Kroeger”

  1. Scott Gronholz Says:

    This AWESOME

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