My ID Monday: Tom Bettger

October 12, 2009


Well, I finally purchased a scanner off of Craigslist and am back in business. I promise not to never again miss a weekly posting.

Today, I am featuring my father. He was tragically killed in a biking accident earlier this year. But he had a full life, and we are taking strength in very obvious signs the Lord prepared us for and even set things in motion for the timing to be that month, that day.

I miss him terribly.

Another 9 cards after the break.

2. Dad_IP_soccer3. Dad_IP_764. Dad_IP_HomeDepot5. Dad_IP_976. Dad_IP_997. Dad_DL_028. Dad_DL_069. Dad_IP_0110. Dad_IP_Passport
Please email me if you would like to be a part of my collection, or if I currently have your ID card, write and give me permission to post it online.


2 Responses to “My ID Monday: Tom Bettger”

  1. Oh I am very glad you got a scanner! Good to see you back at it. Love your dad, so handsome.

  2. J. Ringo Says:

    Hey Andy,

    Great post; is this your only ID collection with a mustache in every picture? Quite a feat. Tom is greatly missed. Keep up the posts.

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