My LOST reaction, and response to a NYT article

May 25, 2010

“Rendered insignificant, in this scenario, were the particulars of what they had done on the island. Pushing buttons, building rafts, blowing up hatches, living, dying — all the churning action and melodrama that made “Lost” so addictive in its early seasons — none of it was directly connected to this final outcome, beyond that it constituted “the most important part” of all their lives.”

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This article echoed a bit what Brogan and I talked about last night.  I don’t feel any desire to re-watch the whole thing.  Sure I expected I wasn’t going to get all the answers I desired … but I didn’t get a pay off for my investment.  It wasn’t rewarding.  The show put so much energy into the Hanso Foundation and the Dharma Initiative, the button pushing, the magic numbers, the time traveling bunnies — and we got no pay off for that.  Remember all the viral websites and tv advertisements for the Hanso foundation?  That stuff was fun… but didn’t pay off.

Which is why episodes like “Ab Aeterno” were so rewarding.  Seeing the Black Rock crash into the huge statue fulfilled at least three questions we had.  “How did the Black Rock get on the Island? Who was on it? How did the statue get broken?”  I’m glad it left some open ends so we can still discuss it — but I don’t feel a return on my investment for at least 3 seasons.  Season 6?  Certainly.  Season 6 was extremely rewarding.  The themes Season 6 brought up, it stayed true to and completed.

And that is my complaint.  Sure I liked the final episode.  And I’m glad I finished it.  I consider it a perfect finale to Season 6 — but not to all 6 seasons of LOST.

I don’t think I’d ever recommend someone to watch all 6 seasons.  Watch Season 1 for character development and then 5 and 6… but only after you’ve watched all 5 seasons of THE WIRE.

A video that combines all the unanswered LOST questions after the break.


3 Responses to “My LOST reaction, and response to a NYT article”

  1. Scott Gronholz Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more about The Wire!

    Couldn’t agree with you LESS about recommending all 6 seasons.

    First I would say it depends on who I recommend it too. If it’s someone like me who enjoys spirituality, sci-fi, comic book type pop-culture I would say go for it.

    One of the main points of the season (only noticed if viewers understand Rushdies Hauron and the Sea of Stories) is that STORY is important IN AND OF ITSELF. It doesn’t need a point or a conclusion. Stories are worth telling because they move us to be better. FANTASY and FICTION are profound carriers of truth in ways that reality isn’t sometimes.

    So it is with OUR STORIES. Our stories are important and are deeply meaningful and significant in everyday, earthy, tangible ways (the island) and in spiritual ways as well (sideways purgatory).

    LOST was thoroughly enjoyable for me over the years from beginning to end. This finale was so moving and satisfying and put its own twist on a great show. Each episode will stand alone to me over the past 6 seasons and they are worth enjoying anew simply because it was good story telling.

    I’m reminded a lot of a good David Lynch movie. Bizarre, moving, intriguing, provocative…BUT NEVER BORING. LOST will stick with me forever and I imagine I’ll be referencing it for a long time for helpful imagery for meaning, purpose, and the importance of relationships.

  2. Thank you for posting on this!


  3. Kathryn Bettger Says:

    I never watched Lost, but have to say that the fake blood here looks too orange.

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