Random Friday update

February 25, 2012

I need to start posting here again.  Yesterday I sat down as soon as I got home from work and wrote an email to my family… so I’ll use that as a kickoff to a new post.

I just got home from work and am now sitting on a stool in the kitchen typing to y’all

Lauren is making a meat loaf.  Garlic, Basil, Lean ground beaf, chorizo chicken sausage, mozzarella, onions.  Instead of bread crumbs she is using toasted wheat germ.  Meatloaf was a request of mine.  And since she is on Mid-Winter break she is taking requests.  🙂  We’re also having steamed broccoli with thyme and fennel.

We are pretty excited about having a weekend at home. Last weekend we were in PDX, the weekend before was skiing at Crystal with Dana & Josh.  The weekend before that Lauren had her Master’s weekend… and the weekend before that we were in Wenatchee.  Phew!

Lauren went to goodwill today and bought jars, serving spoons and two board games.  She also made $22 selling old clothes at THE BUFFALO EXCHANGE.  She also labeled anything in the kitchen that is “bad fat.”

Tonight we are going over to Katrina & Justin‘s for dessert at 8pm.  We are bringing a chick-pea cookie pie.

Tomorrow, we both have a little work to do.  And we are going to two classes at the gym.  I’m not sure how we will feel about the second after the first, but I’m going in with a good attitude.  I was just told, “We are going to both.”

We are going to try and squeeze a bike ride in.  Lauren got some biking shoes for Christmas that she wants to finally try.  But that includes me mounting new tires on my road bike (I usually ride my single speed) and swap pedals from my MTN. bike to her bike.  I doubt this will happen.  But it’s been on my to-do-list for a while now!

I’d like to see THE ARTIST at 4pm on Saturday before the Oscars on Sunday… but that’s pretty low on the priority list.

My buddy DSM’s (Mike Gerig… but we call him DSM for “Downstairs Mike) parents are going to be in town from Oregon.  He’s hosting a dinner and then taking his parents to square dancing at the LITTLE RED HEN.  He invited a group of us to come along and meet his parents.  So that is at the top of our priority list.  He’s pretty special to us.

Sunday we’ll go to the early service and then going on a Valentine’s day date Lauren bought for me.  It’s a Living Social Adventure.  We meet at Westlake Center and take a bus to a shooting range… then the entire group attends a brewery tour + lunch at Scuttlebutt Brewery.  It sounds pretty man-tastic.  We are excited.  😉

I think that covers it!  I need to help with dinner.

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