• I like driving into the driveway with a freshly mowed lawn.
  • I love my mom’s handwriting.
  • I changed my 4’s to look like my dad’s 4’s in Junior High.
  • I collect all my wine corks — cause my sister told me she’d make me a bulletin board.
  • I collect ID cards.
  • I hate it when someone references a movie I haven’t seen.
  • I used to be afraid to blow bubbles  in my dad’s woodshop for fear I’d get sawdust in my gum.
  • I have never officially broken a bone.
  • I prefer mini-marshmallows old and stale.
  • I don’t really like chocolate unless there is caramel involved.
  • I think cake is boring and I’m rarely interested — I’m a pie guy.
  • I took for granted that my mom made me breakfast and a sack lunch every day of my childhood.
  • I am glad I did it, but I don’t want to do Europe alone again.
  • I would accept nearly any job offer in Europe.
  • I never feel like I am journaling enough.  This site doesn’t help.
  • I would like to own all of Gordon Korman’s books.
  • I would like to meet Abe Lincoln.
  • I would like to have the super power to freeze time (à la “Out of this World“)
  • I only chew half a piece of gum.
  • I love book cases.
  • I prefer used books to new books.
  • Despite my smart phone,  I have maps in my car and always will.
  • I like to listen to music loud in cars.  If we are conversing… talk louder.
  • I love belts and belt buckles.
  • I tend to be an overly agreeable, people pleaser, and I’m okay with that.

I’d like to give credit where credit is due.

  • Joe got me into biking, dark chocolate and ginger snaps.
  • Adam is responsible for my obsession with onions and peppers.
  • Hylan gets credit for the garlic obsession.
  • Lauren got me back into rollerblading.
  • Jon Ulrich made it impossible for me to ever get anything but a labrador.
  • Mark got me into PBR.
  • Courtney got me into Sushi.
  • Matt got me into the Black Keys.
  • Uncle Ric got me into vinyl.
  • Scott got me into music videos.
  • Mark brought Settlers to Dayton.
  • Ben gave us Bohnanza.
  • Dawn gave me Damien Rice.
  • Zach took me to Senor Moose.

One Response to “About NeckBeard”

  1. Dear Neckbeard,
    I am a humble neckbeard collector and I would be most enamored if you could make mention of or link to my e-mazing collection of neckbeards on the world wide web (this is my digital neckbeard zoo available via the http protocol at http://neckbeardmania.blogspot.com ).

    Sincerest thanks you,
    Neckbeard Mania

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