Today we have a special birthday edition of “My ID Monday.”

I’m not sure what the perfect sibling relationship looks like but if it isn’t what I have with my sister, then I’m not interested.

We’ve been through everything a healthy brother and sister deal with including:

  • Sharing a bathroom.
  • Backseat on countless road trips (both good and bad memories).
  • Letters at camp, her’s were always encouraging and thoughtful. My letters to her were usually an obnoxious attempt to get her to assemble some kind of coded message that was usually written on toilet paper or a newspaper.
  • Playing “Willy the Worm” on our old DOS computer.
  • Visiting her at college — which was supposed to include me flirting with all her college friends, but the engineering school’s 12 – 1 guy/girl ratio quickly dispelled that fantasy.
  • Watching “Nick at Nite”  with strawberry milk in the black swivel chairs at Grandmother & Granddad’s.
  • Getting a note from her at a hotel in Barcelona.
  • Watching my dad walk her down the aisle.

Molly is now building a family with her husband Pat.  Their online antics can be found here.

It is so incredible to watch them love and discipline Graham.  Luckily I get to be the fun uncle who’s responsibilities include wrestling, singing, reading books and playing on the slide.

Happy Birthday Molly.  I love you.

(and I left my toothpaste in your bathroom)

Another 7 cards and some classic photos after the break.
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Will moved in next door to me my Sophomore year on 6th Hill, but our friendship didn’t peak until we shared 13 months together at ScreenPlay. Will and I would spend every Thursday at Hales discussing everything and solving the world’s problems. Will gave me the honor of being a part of his wedding not only by DJing the reception, but also by requesting I intentionally pray for the 10 days leading up to his proposal to his wonderful wife Kirsten. It was one of the most rewarding 10 days of prayer I’ve ever had. Having someone request intentional prayer is a privilege I don’t get enough.

The O’Briens can no longer be found in Seattle, as they are now living in Minneapolis for grad school, but they can be located here on the interwebs. And even better, I get sleep on their couch at the end of the month. I doubt we’ll get a tornado warning this time, but as Minnesota is certainly accustomed to extreme winter weather, I’m sure I’ll get a weather story out of the trip. Let’s just hope my trip will not yield a stolen car story.

Another 5 cards after the break.

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My ID Monday: Becky Krause

December 21, 2009

This week we are featuring the crown jewel of my ID card collection. This is the most complete collection I have. And I am pretty sure she won’t be surpassed by anyone. I have a card for 7th grade through grad school. This collection even features two cards for Becky’s sophomore year. She lost her card, paid to get another one, and then found her lost card. Her seventh grade photo also includes girl in a necktie, which is also unique to my collection.

Becky and I had all but 2 classes together my senior year at Capital High. So, as you can imagine we spent a lot of time together. She will always be my favorite part of senior year.

Another 11 cards after the break and a few photos. Including one from the Disneyland Senior Trip we threw together.
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My ID Monday: Mark Allen

December 15, 2009

When I first met Mark, he was known by the Hill girls as “Hot San Diego Boy.”  This was mostly to due to a Padres hat that Mark never seemed to be without.

Mark and I lived in Fremont after college in a house that produced strong friendships and married men.  Mark easily has the title of my most loyal friend. His love for you is consistent and loyal.  Once you have it, he will never leave your side.

Mark and I have many many memories together, and I’ve had a wonderful time looking through some of our best photos to add to this post, but see below for a note that he gave me. Mark had a few ID cards that he knew I wanted and instead of merely putting them on my desk, he sent me on a scavenger hunt around our house.

I eventually found them in the copy of GO WEST‘s Greatest Hits that Mark gave me for my birthday. And yes — it was a pretty intimate gift. Mark and I have always had a bond over cheesy 80’s pop. You can’t tell me there isn’t something intimate about your friend knowing how happy you will be with a GO WEST cd.

When Keatley took the our headshots, we had so much fun with Mark’s photo.  He seemed to be taking himself way to seriously — as this was such a departure from his real demeanor, we convinced him to sign a stack of these headshots as “Mark Allen: Motivational Speaker.” I still have a stack with classic encouragements such as, “Play for Keeps!” and “Keep on Truckin” — let me know if you want one for your fridge. Your time management will improve and you will have a better outlook on life.

Good luck on with what is ahead Mark.  I’m praying for you.

Another9 cards and a few old pics after the break.

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My ID Monday: Josh Bradshaw

October 19, 2009

1. Josh_CHS_97
Josh and I have always had our lockers next to each other. In Junior High because we were both B’s and by choice in High School. But our friendship didn’t really kick off until we both went our separate ways for college. Josh and I committed our Spring Breaks to each other and have a great number of memories (photos and videos galore) sitting in cars listening to Def Leppard and spitting sun flower seeds into Frappuccino bottles. We’ve been best friends ever since.

Josh and his lovely wife recently welcomed twins into the world: Caden & Capri. I’m sure they will grow up loved and with plenty of athletic support.

Another 8 photos after the break. I snuck a photo of Josh’s dad in there. Because the resemblance is uncanny.
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My ID Monday: Tom Bettger

October 12, 2009


Well, I finally purchased a scanner off of Craigslist and am back in business. I promise not to never again miss a weekly posting.

Today, I am featuring my father. He was tragically killed in a biking accident earlier this year. But he had a full life, and we are taking strength in very obvious signs the Lord prepared us for and even set things in motion for the timing to be that month, that day.

I miss him terribly.

Another 9 cards after the break.
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This week I present Travis Kroeger.

I give Travis Kroeger full credit for the addition of “scoop” to my vocabulary.  Something that Lauren and I use ever day.  She often “scoops” me at work when after she gets off of the freeway from the east side.

After getting Denee to agree to their first date, Travis asked her, “What time do you want me to come down and scoop you up?”

I miss Truvis… but Kirk is quick to remind me, he’s just in Portland.


Another 5 cards after the break.

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