Jonathan said:
dude, have you heard anything about this?

Andrew says:
uh no.

Jonathan says:
yeah me neither, like not even a little bit

Andrew says:
reason #233 why I want to be Pete Yorn.

Jonathan says:
amy sent it to me
so true


Summer music

April 30, 2009

You guys want some free music?

I just discovered these on the URBAN OUTFITTERS blog. Good times… kinda trendy — but fun, and good exposure from someone more committed to the scene than me.


4 more mixes after the break.

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April 19, 2009

Very few songs consistently make me smile as much as this one.

Matt Viers has joined.
Matt: Band: Hockey
Song: Too Fake
just got put on Zune
potential song of the summer

me: listening now.

Matt Viers has left.

I have now officially started my “Summer 09 Playlist.”  It only has one song… but it’s a strong start.
Now Jon… can you find it?