April 5, 2012

Fairly Candid

We met on a windy Spring day this week at the park … one of the best ladies you’ll ever meet — Kathy Bettger and her daughter Molly and two grandsons, 3-1/2 year-old Graham who is allowed to say “I’m almost four” soon, and Caleb who turns a BIG ONE this month. Molly is in town visiting her mom this week and gave me a call to have me take pictures of her mom with the boys. We did that, but we also added some play time fun in the mix. Molly thought it wasn’t right to have family pictures without Pat, her hubs who had to return home. Rubbish I say! Any opportunity is an opportunity for pictures, so we just had some fun playing. There were some great moments with her and “Grandmother” interacting with the boys. Molly used to come to my father-in-law at church each week…

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Incredible Ironing

March 22, 2010

My mom would be proud of this video.

Films of the 2000s

February 8, 2010


October 6, 2009


MMS on iPhone Day

September 25, 2009

One of the prohibiting factors delaying my assimilation to the iPhone trend was the lack of Multimedia Message support. I didn’t want to miss out on Molly’s daily Graham pics. Or Jon and my attempt to get a MD shot in every US state.

When the iPhone 3.0 was announced back in June we were promised MMS support by the end of the summer. Normally September in Seattle would have caused me to call them liars. But as I write this post while sitting in the sun. I’ll give AT&T the benefit of the doubt.

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