“Rendered insignificant, in this scenario, were the particulars of what they had done on the island. Pushing buttons, building rafts, blowing up hatches, living, dying — all the churning action and melodrama that made “Lost” so addictive in its early seasons — none of it was directly connected to this final outcome, beyond that it constituted “the most important part” of all their lives.”

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This article echoed a bit what Brogan and I talked about last night.  I don’t feel any desire to re-watch the whole thing.  Sure I expected I wasn’t going to get all the answers I desired … but I didn’t get a pay off for my investment.  It wasn’t rewarding.  The show put so much energy into the Hanso Foundation and the Dharma Initiative, the button pushing, the magic numbers, the time traveling bunnies — and we got no pay off for that.  Remember all the viral websites and tv advertisements for the Hanso foundation?  That stuff was fun… but didn’t pay off.

Which is why episodes like “Ab Aeterno” were so rewarding.  Seeing the Black Rock crash into the huge statue fulfilled at least three questions we had.  “How did the Black Rock get on the Island? Who was on it? How did the statue get broken?”  I’m glad it left some open ends so we can still discuss it — but I don’t feel a return on my investment for at least 3 seasons.  Season 6?  Certainly.  Season 6 was extremely rewarding.  The themes Season 6 brought up, it stayed true to and completed.

And that is my complaint.  Sure I liked the final episode.  And I’m glad I finished it.  I consider it a perfect finale to Season 6 — but not to all 6 seasons of LOST.

I don’t think I’d ever recommend someone to watch all 6 seasons.  Watch Season 1 for character development and then 5 and 6… but only after you’ve watched all 5 seasons of THE WIRE.

A video that combines all the unanswered LOST questions after the break.

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

Sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate with you.
I am so proud of the family you and Dad built.  I can never thank you enough.  But I’ll continue to try.

Thank you Mom for everything — especially all the rules that confused me then, but now I understand.  I love you.

The ice cream truck she is driving was her summer job when my father met her.

The group shot is right before my mom went to SPU to teach French.  She was worried the girl on her right would scoop in and steal Dad when she left.

Some more recent photos of my mother and her family as well an Idaho Statesman article about her summer abroad in Russia after the break.

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April 30, 2010

Incredible Ironing

March 22, 2010

My mom would be proud of this video.

March 15, 2010


Today we have a special birthday edition of “My ID Monday.”

I’m not sure what the perfect sibling relationship looks like but if it isn’t what I have with my sister, then I’m not interested.

We’ve been through everything a healthy brother and sister deal with including:

  • Sharing a bathroom.
  • Backseat on countless road trips (both good and bad memories).
  • Letters at camp, her’s were always encouraging and thoughtful. My letters to her were usually an obnoxious attempt to get her to assemble some kind of coded message that was usually written on toilet paper or a newspaper.
  • Playing “Willy the Worm” on our old DOS computer.
  • Visiting her at college — which was supposed to include me flirting with all her college friends, but the engineering school’s 12 – 1 guy/girl ratio quickly dispelled that fantasy.
  • Watching “Nick at Nite”  with strawberry milk in the black swivel chairs at Grandmother & Granddad’s.
  • Getting a note from her at a hotel in Barcelona.
  • Watching my dad walk her down the aisle.

Molly is now building a family with her husband Pat.  Their online antics can be found here.

It is so incredible to watch them love and discipline Graham.  Luckily I get to be the fun uncle who’s responsibilities include wrestling, singing, reading books and playing on the slide.

Happy Birthday Molly.  I love you.

(and I left my toothpaste in your bathroom)

Another 7 cards and some classic photos after the break.
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